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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer Hair extensions are amazing, especially when you take good care of them. When you start wearing hair extensions most people don’t realize the maintenance that is required to keep them together. It’s important that you don’t treat your extensions like how you treat your natural hair. Different types of hair extensions require different attention. For example, you shouldn’t care for human hair extensions, the same way you care for synthetic extensions. Down below are tips you to know to ensure that you don’t ruin your extensions and lose the investment you put into them! Lightly wash every so often Depending on the type of hair extensions you have, you might need to...

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Hair Colouring

Colour tips to consider Most people colour their hair or extensions at some point in their life. Colouring hair is a fun process that leaves us with a fresh, new style to rock. Anyone that wants to dye their hair needs to know the essential things to do and the critical things to avoid. There are many things you have to do correctly to ensure that you don’t damage your hair. Down below are four fundamental rules about colouring hair. Choose the correct hair colour I believe that one of the most difficult parts of colouring your hair is choosing the right colour. This is because there are so many different types of hair colour products. It is crucial that...

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Why Women Love Hair Extensions ?

 Why women love hair extensions Women of all backgrounds love hair extensions. Most believe that buying good hair extensions is one of the best investments that they have made. You always hear about how hair extensions damage your hair. However I am writing this blog to tell you that there are ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. There are even certain things that you can do that will help your hair grow and become stronger when wearing extensions. There are many ways that you can enjoy the lavish look that you get from wearing extensions and also protect your hair. Down below are 5 reasons why wearing hair extensions are great and why so many women love...

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