Why Women Love Hair Extensions ?

 Why women love hair extensions

Women of all backgrounds love hair extensions. Most believe that buying good hair extensions is one of the best investments that they have made.

You always hear about how hair extensions damage your hair. However I am writing this blog to tell you that there are ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. There are even certain things that you can do that will help your hair grow and become stronger when wearing extensions.

There are many ways that you can enjoy the lavish look that you get from wearing extensions and also protect your hair.

Down below are 5 reasons why wearing hair extensions are great and why so many women love them.

Protecting your natural hair

It’s great to go out with your natural hair in all its glory. However it’s important that you give your natural hair a break from time to time. This is why women love hair extensions so much. As natural hair isn’t designed for everyday wear and tear it means that sometimes you need something that will help you to still look fabulous but it is actually benefiting your natural hair. This is exactly what wearing extensions does. It helps your hair grow and protects it. To make sure that your hair grows well when you are wearing extensions it’s essential that you make sure that your hair is always moisturized and clean. 

Get longer / thicker hair

For those who are looking to enhance their looks without manipulating or having to risk damaging their hair, extensions is the answer. This is because extensions can provide you with thicker and longer hair. Whenever you want a full look all you have to do is use clip-ins or a wig, if you are short of time and want something quick. However if you have more time then I’d recommend extensions as they also provide this look and they lasts longer than clip-ins.

Heat damage

Hair extensions are a great way to prevent heat damage to your natural hair. This is because you will be able to straighten and curl your extension whenever you want but the heat won’t touch your natural hair. If you wear wigs, closures or any extension style that covers all of your hair, you’ll never have to use a straightener or heat product on your real hair! However if you apply an excessive amount of heat to your extensions you will damage your hair extensions.  

Managing hair conditions

The way you wear your hair tends to be due to the condition that your hair is in. There are people that have conditions that mean they can’t grow their hair out evenly. Wearing wigs and extensions are great way for them to express themselves and help them feel great.

 Try a new style before committing 

If you want to try a new hair style before you fully commit to it then hair extensions are perfect for you. As there are many types of hair extensions available, you’ll be able to wear the type of hair you want before you fully decide whether or not it’s the new hairstyle that you are after.